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Welcome to my site.

I am Ganapathy Iyer. I help organisations be effective with projects and I love it.


Do you sponsor or manage projects?

Are you balancing projects alongside a day job?

Are you getting the progress and visibility you desire?

Is your project keeping you up at night?


I work with project leaders and teams to help them move from overwhelm and lack of visibility to outcomes and control, whilst living through the project they are extremely passionate about.


I believe that projects offer unparalleled opportunities to people and organisations.


The people I work with, are catalysts and can unlock tremendous value for organisations and themselves through projects.


As a mentor and coach, my job is help them realise their potential.

Ganapathy’s first book.


How to put joy back into troubled technology projects.

Projects on Friday .

Mentoring and Coaching

Do you aspire to be a great project leader? Unlock your potential through projects. Let’s work together to get you there. Explore career coaching through projects.


Your event needs a project energy shot that is inspirational as well as light enough for your audience to take something meaningful away and implement. Get me to speak at your next event.


Be equipped with proven and pragmatic tools / techniques to help you navigate your project journey. Discover my range of programs.


Organisations and Clients I have worked with.

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