Ganapathy is a pivotal figure in my growth story. I've worked for and alongside him over a number of years, with his mentorship, advice, guidance and self-empowering wisdom which has helped shape my career.

As a project lead on some very large scale projects, I've found his unbiased, clear and concise guidance, direction and management of teams and senior leadership to be defining moments in keeping project momentum and eventual success.

Mentorship is not defined by a moment, but a sequence of interactions, guidance and availability to support your mentee. My growth story and successes have been enabled and driven by some of the most sound and timely advice I've received from Ganapathy, through his patience and thought provoking guidance.

Ganapathy's guidance comes in the form of teaching one how to fish, rather than providing them the fish to eat.

Nikhil Lohar


I have engaged with Ganapathy on a number of occasions for mentoring and advice. Ganapathy has a unique perspective which I have always found enlightening. With his questioning and insight he can quickly identify the areas that I need to focus on and is able to articulate this in a way that is encouraging and makes me open my mind to the possibilities.

Integrity and empathy are words that I use in association with Ganapathy and I would highly recommend him to whomever is looking for a mentor.


Paul Stevens

Programme Manager - Occupational Health and Safety,
Auckland District Health Board