Mentoring and Coaching.

My mentoring and coaching programs are focused on purpose and passion for projects.

I work with individuals and project teams to help them achieve their goals through specifically structured and relevant mentoring or coaching.

An absolute essential for me is clarity of purpose and willingness to take action. Without these, we can achieve little.

Project leadership coaching

Many professionals find themselves in a project leadership role at some point in their career. Be it as a project sponsor or a project manager, this can be difficult terrain.

If you are balancing project leadership alongside a day job, this can feel like a double whammy.

It is at this stage that people who have been extremely successful in their previous roles, find themselves against a wall which at times seems insurmountable.

As a project manager who has worked with senior leaders and team members across organisations and vendors, I have a unique perspective and a tried and tested process to help you ace this.

My project leadership coaching services are ideal for:

  • New / Junior project managers wanting to make an impact and deliver great projects.
  • Newly appointed project sponsors who want to be effective leaders and enable great project teams.

Skills and certifications take you to a level on your project leadership journey, but growth and effectiveness on this route is about mindset, action and communication.

I have coached several professionals on their journey through project leadership. Would you like to join them? Just reach out.

Here’s what some of the people I have coached, have to say about working with me on projects.