Spin to win leadership!.

Posted: May 16, 2022Category: Leadership

Spin to win leadership!

Spin to win!

At the new gas station in our neighbourhood, everytime you fill petrol, you get a chance to spin a wheel on the app.

Depending on your luck (or maybe the algorithm) you win / don't.

Our son loved it. He unlocked a few dollars for me and couldn't wait for me to refill.

He also thought he knew the right amount of pressure to apply on the mobile screen for it to unlock moolah!

On the third instance, he struck nothing. No prize today!😫

Same thing happened on the fourth instance.😥

Now, he is frustrated!

He feels the app is conspiring against him. It is unfair and he doesn't know how to spin!

For an app, that's all right! The black box!

Keeps the curiosity and anticipation going. And it's fun!

How would this sound if it was your team member trying to guess all the while, when interacting with you?🤞🙃😕

Not sure whether he / she will get excitement, indifference or a meltdown?

What would that mean when they consider approaching you?

What would that mean when it comes to you knowing the pulse of the team? And what's going on?

And finally.... who is better off in this situation?

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Photo by GLopezR on Pixabay.