Posted: October 11, 2021Category: Decision making


Stop the snooze! In fact, it should be removed from our phones.

SNOOZE is default. It's easy. Right in the center of the screen.

STOP takes some effort. Click STOP.

You can sleep or wake up. No hanging in between.

SNOOZE leaves you floating. Annoying you while you try to sleep and leaves you feeling awful when you wake up.

It's the same with projects and decisions.

👉👉👉Decisions left hanging leave a far worse after taste than the ones made.

And worse, the hanging ones chew away at your energy and momentum while time ticks along.

If your project seems to be a drag, it might be worth looking at decisions being snoozed and if you need help, it might be worth us having a chat!

Drop me a DM if you want to get rid of the snooze.

Have a great week ahead.

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