The Roundabout rider in decision making.

Posted: October 11, 2021Category: Decision making

The Roundabout rider in decision making

The roundabout rider of decision making!

Imagine you enter a roundabout, keep driving inside it & don't exit?

Annoy everyone else who patiently waits for you. Crazy right?

It's the same when a roundabout rider surfaces in decision making.

They ask questions, they provide advice, they sympathise and yet, there is no decision; blocking action and causing stress. Sometimes they don't know this either (genuinely).

So what can you do about it? 3 things I reckon:

✅Confirm they are indeed the decision maker.

✅Ensure your ask is clear (no illusion of communication)

✅Tell them about their roundabout riding (you choose the words).

Don't tolerate the ride! It'll annoy more than the rider.

Any other ways to help the rider exit?

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Photo by Lucas Miguel on Unsplash