Whose problem is it? It’s theirs!.

Posted: July 17, 2020Category: Business case

Whose problem is it? It’s theirs!

Whose problem is it? It’s theirs!

You walk into a doctor’s cabin.

You are greeted with a smirky smile (if something like that existed) and told that you are suffering from a heart ailment.

The only solution - Replace your heart immediately!

At it will cost you a million dollars! Let’s do it now….

Absurd right? You wouldn’t trust such a doctor…will you?

It’s the same when you are helping a client with a business case for a project.

Very often, consultants are hired by organisations to help with writing a business case for them.

And pat come solutions – implement a new ERP, implement a new CRM blah blah blah!

And the bill follows!

How about asking what ails the client? And let them articulate the pain and what it is preventing them from achieving. It’s their problem. Let them talk about it.

You can then unleash your expertise to help them solve the problem and achieve what is dear to them.

It could help you avoid trouble when it comes to business case approvals. And eventual client satisfaction.

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Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash.